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Gemini Gymnastics has just finished installing a brand new Tumbl Trak spring floor!  Check out the images and video of Miss Kayla giving it a test run in the Media section. 

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Congratulations to our Gymnastics Coaching Staff for attending the USAG Regional Congress in Lancaster this summer!  After attending 3 days of classes on topics including pre-school skill development, class management, teaching to individual learning styles, big tumbling and twisting, bar releases, competitive rule changes, class management, boys gymnastics, and of course the new compulsory routines we are ready for an exciting new year! 
  The mission of Gemini Gymnastics is to advance the sport of gymnastics by giving our students the utmost measure of our knowledge and establishing a foundation of integrity and good sportsmanship.


Class Levels

Competition Team
Cheerleaders Tumbling and Fitness
Boys Tumbling and Fitness
Open Gym


Fully Equipped Gym

Full size competitive spring floor
Balance Beams
Uneven Bars
60 Foot spring tumbling strip
Vaulting/tumbling resi pit system
Overhead spotting belt system
Tumbl Trak ©


When you choose a gymnastics school it is important to look for a safe environment with coaches that you know and trust. At Gemini our coaches are well educated professional ADULTS who are concerned about the gymnastics education of your gymnasts.

     All staff members are USAG Safety Certified (United States Association of Gymnastics). We never allow a student to perform a skill before it is safe for her to do so. We use training aids, proper progressions and hands on spotting to assure every skill is learned correctly.

     When you visit your daughter’s class you will also see that we have student assistants that help the Coaches by demonstrating skills for the students, setting up stations and keeping the gymnasts moving between stations.  These girls are team members who love gymnastics, like to help out in their spare time and hope to become gymnastics coaches when they are older.

 You can be assured that at Gemini Gymnastics of Pittsburgh a qualified adult coach is instructing your daughter.

Steve Powanda
 Elizabeth Randolph Kotulsky
 Jill Lazzini
 Kayla Lewis
 Alyse Olah
 Ashley Fareri
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  Gemini Gear

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     We brought our daughter Melanie to Gemini when she was young to harness her energy which consisted of constant tumbling and cart wheeling in our living room.  At Gemini, she was surrounded by professional coaches who structured her athleticism with proper technique and physical conditioning.  With the Gemini coach's knowledge and nurturing, quickly she developed the skills necessary to compete in the USAG Gymnastics Jr. Olympic program. After many successful and fulfilling years of competition which included state, regional and national honors, Melanie has received a full athletic scholarship offer from The Ohio State University - one of the most prestigious and recognized universities in the country.  Gemini has become a second family to her, and her personal achievements are an achievement of the entire Gemini Gymnastics family.   
     -- Jerry & Val Shaffer

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